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About Grace Library

User Privacy

Unauthorized use of library users' personal information or reference inquiries at Grace Library is prohibited. Library staff are respectful of library user data and will protect user records in accordance with FERPA and American Library Association guidelines and as follows:

  • User Information in WorldShare Management Services
    • Circulation records and other materials that identify library users (such as fine and bill reports or circulation history) are kept confidential. The information of each library user's record in WMS, including their items out and notification history, may not be shared with others for any reason.
  • Web Browser Search History
    • Individual user searches in the library catalog or in the library databases are not recorded by Grace Library in any way. Statistics collected by the library indicate the number of searches within a database or the number of times a journal or eBook was accessed or downloaded, but not the identities of the users performing searches or accessing/downloading materials.
  • Public Computers & Spaces
    • When using computers in the library, including personal or public devices, patrons should be aware that screens can be seen by bystanders. Library users must be aware that information displayed on computer screens in public spaces is never truly private.
  • Reference
    • Library staff keep confidential the source and content of any reference consultation regardless of whether it is communicated verbally, through email, telephone, online consultation, or any other reference service. The library does keep basic statistics pertaining to reference consultations including the length of the consultation and the nature of the interaction (reference, informational, library basics, etc.), but those statistics do not include identifying information.