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About Grace Library

Interlibrary Loan

This policy applies to all Carlow University community members: students, staff, faculty, and the Sisters of Mercy.

  • Access
    • If a particular book or article is not available through Grace Library's collections, patrons can request items through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) via the "Request through Interlibrary Loan" button on the item record in the online catalog or the online form on the library's website.
  • Checkout Procedure
    • Physical ILL items are delivered to Grace Library and are processed using the WorldShare Management Services Interlibrary Loan module. During this process, the item is charged out to the patron and the patron is notified via Carlow email that their ILL materials are available for pickup at the Circulation Desk. A book band is placed around the item with all necessary ILL information, including the due date.
  • Lending Periods and Due Dates
    • Physical materials received through ILL have varying due dates that can range from a few weeks to a month or more. Each lending library sets its own policy regarding lending periods for ILL. Due dates entered into WMS will be based on the date set by the lending library. This date will be written on the book strap included on all ILL materials. Books received through ILL cannot be renewed.
  • Delivery Method for Articles
    • Articles are provided electronically from the lending library to patrons via their Carlow email accounts. Usually, articles are sent to patrons within one to five business days but may take longer depending on the publication date or availability of an article. If an article is not available through ILL, the patron will be notified.
  • Limits on Number of ILL Loans
    • Faculty, staff, and students are limited to a total of 12 ILL items checked out at one time. Special permission to submit more may be granted in some circumstances.
  • Limits of Number of ILL Articles Requested
    • Faculty, staff, and students are limited to a total of 12 ILL article requests per week. Special permission to submit additional requests may be granted in some circumstances.
  • Limits on the Type of Material Borrowed
    • Traditional textbooks will not be borrowed through Interlibrary Loan. When an item requested is identified by library staff as a textbook being used for an ongoing course, the requestor will be notified that their request has been cancelled and the reason. Patrons may also not request copies of individual chapters of textbooks.
    • Patrons may not request an entire issue of a journal or the majority of the articles comprising an entire issue.
  • Rule of Five and Get It Now
    • Grace Library may not request more than five requests for articles from the most recent five years of a single journal title in a calendar year through ILL. This is in accordance with copyright guidelines. Requests for articles from a journal that has reached its five-article limit will be fulfilled through the Copyright Clearance Center's Get It Now service. This service allows the library to purchase articles on behalf of the requestor. The library will purchase up to $2,000 worth of articles through this service every fiscal year. Requests beyond this price cap will be declined and patrons notified.
  • Expectations for Condition of Returned Items
    • Items should be returned to the library in the same condition as when the items were checked out. Patrons returning items with any damage, including water damage, broken spines, underlining/writing on pages, missing pages, etc., may be charged a damage or replacement fee.
  • Cost for Interlibrary Loan
    • There is no cost to patrons for ILL, unless the item requested is rare. In these cases, patrons will be notified of a potential charge before the request is processed and they will be given the chance to accept or decline the cost. Patrons will not be charged for articles obtained through the Copyright Clearance Center Get It Now service.
  • Overdue Assumed Lost Notices
    • Overdue notices are generated in WMS and emailed to patrons two days after the due date. Items are assumed lost after 30 days or when Grace Library receives a bill for an item from the lending library, whichever comes first.
  • Special Borrowers
    • ILL services are not extended to special borrowers.
  • Lending Policy
    • Books: Grace Library will lend materials in our general collection to libraries in the United States through OCLC WorldShare ILL at no charge. The lending period for all items is 35 days. Overdue notices will be sent to the borrowing library beginning on the due date. If the item is not returned or if it is damaged, Grace Library will invoice the borrowing library for the full replacement cost of the item.
    • Articles: Grace Library will lend articles in our electronic and print periodical collections to libraries in OCLC WorldShare ILL at no charge, as long as lending is within the bounds of the licensing terms in the vendor's contract.
      • Grace Library will not lend entire volumes or issues of periodicals and will only produce copies of these materials for ILL purposes.
      • Grace Library will not produce copies of print or electronic books for ILL purposes, unless strictly allowed by licensing terms of the vendor's contract.