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Reserving a Study Room

Navigate to Outlook Calendar

Grace Library does not control study room reservations and cannot book reservations for you. Study room reservations must be made using the Calendar function within your Carlow University Office 365 email account.

From your Outlook Calendar, find the date and time you would like to book the study room for.

Choose Date and Time

Double-click on your desired date and time in the calendar or click the "New Event" button and modify the details there.

Edit Event Details

A scheduling window will open. From the window, you can:

  1. Add a title.
  2. Invite other people in the Outlook system.
  3. Assign a meeting space or add a room to the booking.
  4. Adjust the date and time.

Assign a Room

To book a study room, click on the field "Search for a room or location." In this field, you can view any rooms available during the time you are requesting. If you are looking to book a room in the University Commons, you can automatically narrow down your results by typing in "Room UnivCommons." Rooms that are availble during your desired time will be listed as "Available" in green.

When you are finished, click the "Save" button located above the title field.

Please note that you should receive a confirmation email shortly after you reserve a room, confirming or denying that your reservation was accepted. If you do not receive an email confirmation, or if your reservation is denied, you should create a new reservation or try to reserve a different room,