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Course Planning

Instructional Design

What is Instructional Design?

Instructional Design is the process in which instructional materials and learning products—such as courses, video tutorials, and simulations—are created, developed, and delivered. When helping instructors create course content, our Instructional Designers consider not only the learning objectives and goals that the course is designed to deliver, but also consider the ways in which learning, instructional, and educational theory can be used to better reach learners. This learner-centered lens better serves to design course materials and delivery in a way that helps students achieve their academic goals.

The Importance of Instructional Design in Course Development

Approaching course development from the learner-centered lens of Instructional Design better serves learners by considering their needs and academic goals in the design and delivery of the course material. When helping with the course development process, Instructional Designers ensure that course materials, delivery, and assessments are designed in a way that is compliant with accessibility standards and aligns with the guidelines of Universal Design for Learning.

Course Development

The CTRL's Instructional Designers can assist with course planning for new courses and updates for existing courses. To help with this process, the CTRL has provided course development tools that are available for instructors to use, which can be found in the menu to the left. To make the best use of the CTRL's course development services for the creation of a new course or the enhancement of an existing course, we recommend scheduling an appointment.